Menlo Athletics
2014-15 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport OpponentLocation
2011:30AMWomen's Soccer vs. Warner Pacific College
 Home Opener
227:00PMVolleyball vs. West Coast Baptist College
2312:00PMFootball vs. Eastern Oregon
2312:00PMMen's Soccer @ Corban University
 Played in Redding, Calif.
2511:00AMMen's Soccer @ Oregon Tech
 Played in Redding, Calif.
267:00PMVolleyball @ San Francisco State
2711:30AMWomen's Soccer vs. The Master's College
298:00AMVolleyball vs. Westmont
 2014 Asics/Wyndham Labor Day Classic hosted by CU-Irvine
292:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Corban University
 US Cellular Fields - Medford, Ore.
294:00PMMen's Soccer @ UC Santa Cruz
297:00PMVolleyball vs. Vanguard University
 2014 Asics/Wyndham Labor Day Classic hosted by CU-Irvine
3010:00AMVolleyball vs. The Master's College
 2014 Asics/Wyndham Labor Day Classic hosted by CU-Irvine
3012:00PMFootball vs. Southern Oregon University
302:00PMVolleyball vs. Olivet Nazarene University
 2014 Asics/Wyndham Labor Day Classic hosted by CU-Irvine
312:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Southern Oregon University
 US Cellular Fields - Medford, Ore.
27:00PMVolleyball @ Dominican University
55:00PMVolleyball vs. UC Santa Cruz
612:00PMFootball @ Simon Fraser
612:00PMVolleyball vs. William Jessup University
63:00PMWomen's Soccer @ William Jessup University
97:00PMVolleyball vs. Holy Names
117:30PMVolleyball @ Notre Dame De Namur
121:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Oregon Tech
1311:00AMMen's Soccer vs. Hope International
152:00PMMen's Soccer vs. The Master's College
163:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Northwest Christian
174:00PMVolleyball vs. Vanguard University
184:00PMMen's Soccer vs. La Sierra University
197:00PMVolleyball @ William Jessup University
2011:00AMMen's Soccer vs. Embry-Riddle (AZ)
201:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Embry-Riddle (AZ)
206:00PMFootball @ CSU Sacramento
207:00PMVolleyball @ UC Santa Cruz
261:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Marymount California University
263:30PMMen's Soccer @ Marymount California University
2712:00PMFootball vs. Webber International
271:00PMVolleyball vs. Westmont
 Played in Rocklin, Calif.
2811:00AMMen's Soccer @ Soka University of America
281:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Soka University of America
312:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Soka University of AmericaLive VideoLive Stats
33:00PMMen's Soccer vs. CSU San MarcosLive VideoLive Stats
412:00PMMen's WrestlingBlue & White Intrasquad
41:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Marymount California UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
47:00PMVolleyball @ UC Merced
712:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. Simpson UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
73:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Simpson UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
107:00PMVolleyball @ Embry-Riddle (AZ)
1112:00PMFootball vs. Arizona Christian Live VideoLive Stats
117:30PMVolleyball @ La Sierra University
151:00PMWomen's Soccer @ UC Merced
153:00PMMen's Soccer @ UC Merced
173:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Pacific Union CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
177:00PMVolleyball vs. Simpson UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
1812:00PMFootball vs. Wesley CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
 Pink Day
184:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Menlo College
 Alumni Game
188:00PMVolleyball vs. Pacific Union CollegeLive VideoLive Stats
207:00PMVolleyball vs. ConcordiaLive VideoLive Stats
213:00PMMen's Soccer vs. CSU MaritimeLive VideoLive Stats
223:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Bethesda University
248:00AMWomen's WrestlingCliff Keen Women's Dual 10/24-10/25 - Oklahoma City, OK - All Day
2511:00AMMen's Soccer @ Simpson University
251:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Simpson University
255:00PMFootball @ Dixie State College
 6 p.m. MT
257:00PMVolleyball vs. UC MercedLive VideoLive Stats
275:30PMMen's Basketball vs. William Jessup University
31 Men's Basketball @ TBA
 Southern Oregon Classic - played in Ashland, Oregon
313:30PMVolleyball vs. La Sierra UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
317:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Biola UniversityLive Video
1 Men's Basketball @ TBA
 Southern Oregon Classic - played in Ashland, Oregon
111:00AMMen's Soccer vs. UC MercedLive VideoLive Stats
 Senior Day
11:30PMWomen's Soccer vs. UC MercedLive VideoLive Stats
 Senior Day
13:00PMVolleyball vs. Embry-Riddle (AZ)Live VideoLive Stats
16:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Hope InternationalLive Video
17:15PMFootball @ Arizona Christian
2 Men's WrestlingU21 SF State Tournament - All Day
46:00PMMen's Soccer @ CSU Maritime
67:00PMVolleyball @ Pacific Union College
73:00PMMen's Soccer @ Pacific Union College
75:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Saint ThomasLive Video
77:00PMMen's Wrestling @ Simpson University
77:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Embry-Riddle (AZ)
77:05PMMen's Basketball @ CSU Sacramento
77:30PMVolleyball vs. Biola UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 Senior Night
812:00PMFootball vs. Olivet Nazarene UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 Senior Day & Veterans Appreciation Day
86:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. CSU StanislausLive Video
87:00PMMen's Wrestling @ Southern Oregon University
87:30PMVolleyball @ Simpson University
13 Women's Soccer vs. TBALive Video
 Cal Pac Championship Semi-Finals
13 Volleyball vs. TBA
 Cal Pac Championship Semifinals hosted by La Sierra University
14 Men's Soccer vs. TBA
 Cal Pac Championships - Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.
145:30PMMen's Basketball @ William Jessup University
15 Men's Soccer vs. TBA
 Cal Pac Championships - Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.
15 Women's Soccer vs. TBALive Video
 Cal Pac Championship Finals
15 Volleyball vs. TBA
 Cal Pac Championship Finals hosted by La Sierra University
15 Women's WrestlingMissouri Valley Open - Marshall, MO
158:00AMMen's WrestlingRoad Runner Open - Fresno - All Day
153:00PMWomen's Basketball @ CSU Sonoma
154:00PMFootball @ Azusa Pacific
155:30PMMen's Basketball @ Bethesda University
217:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. The Master's College
 Westmont Tournament - Santa Barbara, Calif.
228:00AMMen's WrestlingNor Cal Open - Redding - All Day
225:00PMMen's Basketball vs. CSU East Bay
227:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Westmont
 Westmont Tournament - Santa Barbara, Calif.
256:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Holy NamesLive Video
284:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Westmont
 Lamont Ramsey Classic
294:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Southern Oregon University
 Lamont Ramsey Classic
37:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Hope International
55:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bethesda University
 Cal Maritime Tournament - Vallejo, Calif.
6 Competitive CheerSTUNT Exhibition at Sacramento Convention Center
65:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. TBA
 Cal Maritime Tournament - Vallejo, Calif.
67:05PMMen's Basketball @ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
132:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. CSU San MarcosLive Video
14 Women's WrestlingSWOCC Camp/Tournament 12/14-12/15 - Coos Bay, OR
197:30PMMen's Basketball @ Bethesda University
205:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Siena Heights University
 Honolulu, Hawaii
207:30PMMen's Basketball @ Hope International
21 Women's Basketball vs. Dickinson State University
 Honolulu, Hawaii
218:00AMMen's WrestlingReno TOC - Reno - All Day
296:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Midland UniversityLive Video
 Peninsula Classic
30 Men's Basketball @ TBA
 Arizona Christian Classic - played in Phoenix, Arizona
306:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Warner Pacific CollegeLive Video
 Peninsula Classic
31 Men's Basketball @ TBA
 Arizona Christian Classic - played in Phoenix, Arizona
2 Women's WrestlingMenlo Tournament
23:00PMMen's Wrestling vs. York University
25:00PMMen's Wrestling vs. Warner Pacific College
38:00AMMen's WrestlingMenlo Tournament - All Day
32:00PMWomen's Basketball @ UC Davis
911:30AMWomen's Basketball @ La Sierra University
91:00PMMen's Basketball @ La Sierra University
101:00PMWomen's Basketball @ CSU San Marcos
103:00PMMen's Basketball @ CSU San Marcos
113:00PMMen's Wrestling @ Brown University
115:00PMMen's Wrestling @ Stanford University
156:00PMWomen's Basketball @ UC Santa Cruz
168:00AMMen's WrestlingMissouri Valley Open 1/16-1/17 - Marshall, MO - All Day
17 Competitive Cheer @ UC Davis
175:30PMWomen's Basketball @ UC Merced
177:30PMMen's Basketball @ UC Merced
227:00PMMen's Basketball vs. UC Santa Cruz
23 Women's WrestlingBearcat Open 1/23-1/24 - Lebanon, IL
237:00PMMen's Wrestling vs. Embry-Riddle (AZ)
2411:00AMBaseball @ CSU San Marcos
24Game 2Baseball @ CSU San Marcos
246:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Pacific Union CollegeLive Video
248:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Pacific Union College
2511:00AMBaseball @ CSU San Marcos
295:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Simpson UniversityLive Video
297:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Simpson University
302:00PMBaseball vs. Bethesda University
307:00PMMen's Wrestling vs. Southern Oregon University
318:00AMMen's WrestlingSan Francisco State University Open - All Day
3112:00PMBaseball vs. Bethesda University
31Game 2Baseball vs. Bethesda University
315:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. CSU MaritimeLive Video
317:30PMMen's Basketball vs. CSU Maritime
6 Softball @ William Jessup University
6 Softball @ Southern Oregon University
67:00PMMen's Wrestling vs. Simpson University
7 Softball @ William Jessup University
7 Softball @ Southern Oregon University
73:00PMBaseball @ Simpson University
7Game 2Baseball @ Simpson University
76:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Pacific Union College
78:30PMMen's Basketball @ Pacific Union College
812:00PMBaseball @ Simpson University
1211:00AMSoftball vs. Biola University
12Game 2Softball vs. Biola University
125:30PMWomen's Basketball @ CSU Maritime
126:00PMBaseball @ University of Hawaii-Hilo
127:00PMMen's Wrestling @ San Francisco State
127:30PMMen's Basketball @ CSU Maritime
13 Women's WrestlingWCWA Women's College Nationals 2/13-2/14 - Marshall, MO
13 Competitive CheerSTUNT Exhibition at Anaheim Convention Center
134:00PMBaseball @ University of Hawaii-Hilo
13Game 2Baseball @ University of Hawaii-Hilo
144:00PMBaseball @ University of Hawaii-Hilo
14Game 2Baseball @ University of Hawaii-Hilo
145:30PMWomen's Basketball @ Simpson University
147:00PMMen's Basketball @ Simpson University
195:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. UC MercedLive Video
197:30PMMen's Basketball vs. UC Merced
2012:00PMSoftball vs. Corban University
20Game 2Softball vs. Corban University
218:00AMMen's WrestlingNAIA Western Regionals - Havre, MT - All Day
2112:00PMBaseball vs. Oregon Tech
21Game 2Baseball vs. Oregon Tech
2112:00PMSoftball vs. Corban University
21Game 2Softball vs. Corban University
215:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. La Sierra UniversityLive Video
 Senior Night
217:30PMMen's Basketball vs. La Sierra University
 Senior Night
2210:00AMBaseball vs. Oregon Tech
22Game 2Baseball vs. Oregon Tech
2712:00PMBaseball vs. University of British Columbia
273:00PMBaseball vs. Grace University
28 Women's Basketball vs. TBA
 Cal Pac Championships - Vallejo, Calif.
282:00PMBaseball vs. Grace University
2 Women's Basketball vs. TBA
 Cal Pac Championships - Vallejo, Calif.
32:00PMBaseball vs. William Jessup University
612:00PMSoftball vs. Oregon Tech
6Game 2Softball vs. Oregon Tech
61:00PMBaseball @ La Sierra University
6Game 2Baseball @ La Sierra University
78:00AMMen's WrestlingNAIA National Tournament 3/6-3/7 - Topeka, KS - All Day
712:00PMSoftball vs. Oregon Tech
7Game 2Softball vs. Oregon Tech
81:00PMBaseball @ La Sierra University
91:00PMBaseball @ Biola University
10 Softball @ Carroll
11 Women's Basketball vs. TBA
 NAIA National Tournament - Sioux City, Iowa March 11-17
1212:00PMSoftball @ Hope International
12Game 2Softball @ Hope International
1312:00PMBaseball vs. Concordia
13Game 2Baseball vs. Concordia
131:00PMSoftball @ Vanguard University
13Game 2Softball @ Vanguard University
1411:00AMBaseball vs. Concordia
14Game 2Baseball vs. Concordia
2012:00PMBaseball vs. Corban University
20Game 2Baseball vs. Corban University
2012:00PMSoftball vs. Simpson University
20Game 2Softball vs. Simpson University
2111:00AMBaseball vs. Corban University
21Game 2Baseball vs. Corban University
2112:00PMSoftball vs. Simpson University
21Game 2Softball vs. Simpson University
2412:00PMSoftball vs. Northwest Nazarene University
24Game 2Softball vs. Northwest Nazarene University
2512:00PMSoftball vs. Northwest Nazarene University
276:00PMBaseball @ Lewis & Clark
281:00PMBaseball @ Lewis & Clark
28Game 2Baseball @ Lewis & Clark
29 Competitive CheerSTUNT Exhibition at Anaheim Convention Center
2912:00PMBaseball @ Lewis & Clark
316:30PMBaseball @ William Jessup University
3 Softball @ Embry-Riddle (AZ)
3Game 2Softball @ Embry-Riddle (AZ)
312:00PMBaseball vs. Simpson University
3Game 2Baseball vs. Simpson University
4 Softball @ Embry-Riddle (AZ)
4Game 2Softball @ Embry-Riddle (AZ)
42:00PMBaseball vs. Simpson University
4Game 2Baseball vs. Simpson University
712:00PMSoftball vs. William Jessup University
7Game 2Softball vs. William Jessup University
1112:00PMBaseball @ University of British Columbia
11Game 2Baseball @ University of British Columbia
1212:00PMBaseball @ University of British Columbia
12Game 2Baseball @ University of British Columbia
1212:00PMSoftball vs. La Sierra University
12Game 2Softball vs. La Sierra University
1312:00PMSoftball vs. La Sierra University
13Game 2Softball vs. La Sierra University
17 Softball @ Simpson University
17Game 2Softball @ Simpson University
1712:00PMBaseball vs. College of Idaho
17Game 2Baseball vs. College of Idaho
17Game 2Baseball vs. College of Idaho
18 Softball @ Simpson University
18Game 2Softball @ Simpson University
1811:00AMBaseball vs. College of Idaho
18Game 2Baseball vs. College of Idaho
2012:00PMSoftball vs. Arizona Christian
20Game 2Softball vs. Arizona Christian
2512:00PMBaseball @ Oregon Tech
25Game 2Baseball @ Oregon Tech
2512:00PMSoftball vs. Holy Names
25Game 2Softball vs. Holy Names
2611:00AMBaseball @ Oregon Tech
26Game 2Baseball @ Oregon Tech