The Menlo Athletics Program is proud to announce Kezia Molinsky as their new Cheer Coach. Molinksy will step into the position as the inaugural coach in Menlo's first year with a Cheer program and is more than enthusiastic about the proud distinction. "Words can't describe how excited I am to be the new Cheer Coach," commented Molinsky. "This is my dream job."
Molinsky brings a whole host of experience into the position after serving as the Head Coach of the North Marion High School Cheerleading Team in Aurora, Oregon since 1996. The opportunity to take her talents to the collegiate stage after 16 years at the high school level helped fuel Molinsky's drive to become the Oaks inaugural Cheer Coach. "I was attracted to Menlo because there is such a high level of support for the new Cheer team," claimed Molinsky. "Everyone I met was so positive about bringing competitive cheer to Menlo."

 This upbeat attitude and wealth of experience made the decision a near no brainer for Menlo and Athletic Director Keith Spataro. "We are extremely pleased to announce Kezia as our Head Cheer Coach for the inaugural season. The campus is looking forward to the addition of Cheer to the Athletic Department and we are very fortunate to have found someone of Kezia's ability," remarked Spataro. "She brings many years of experience and tons of energy and excitement to our staff. I look forward to seeing her build this program from the ground up."