Featured Student-Athlete
Caitlin Sorensen

Caitlin Sorensen

Women's Soccer
September 26, 2017

Caitlin Sorensen scored her first goal of the season on Saturday in the team's hard fought 1-1 double overtime draw against #4 Westmont. Sorensen put away the Mercedes Beckham free kick to tally her second career goal and help the Oaks to a great result in conference play. 

Sport: Women's Soccer
Position: Forward
Class: Junior
Major: Marketing

How, and why, did you decide to come to Menlo College?

I was recruited at a soccer tournament in San Diego. I specifically remember Keith being there because I noticed he was a college coach, looked at his hat which said "Menlo," and I asked my teammates if they knew where that was. Because I am from Long Beach, I wanted to go to school in Northern California, and I was interested in becoming a business major. Menlo was perfect for what I was looking for. When I visited Menlo, I loved the campus, location, and the team, and attending this college was the best decision I have made.

What has been your favorite part about being a student-athlete?

I love the feeling of knowing that as a student-athlete I am able to juggle so much within a limited amount of time. From practice, traveling, school work, Student Government, and the extra curricular I am involved with, it often is a lot to handle, but it is rewarding knowing that I am capable of managing it all.

Describe a moment you will never forget while attending Menlo College.
The day Allissa Soriano completely tripped and slid through third base when we were playing kickball against the Softball team.

What is your go-to Netflix series to binge watch?

Grey's Anatomy-- I am currently watching the series for the second time.

If you were to go shopping with either a nun, a gangster, or a flamingo, which one would you take with you?

Definitely a flamingo. That way, while I'm shopping, no one will bother me or come to the part of the store I am at because they'll be weirded out by my flamingo.