Menlo Athletics
Mike Preaseau
Inducted: 2010
In the Category of
Men's Basketball
Graduated: 1955

Better known for his time spent playing basketball at the University of San Francisco where he won the 1956 National Championship as part of the Dons legendary team keyed by Bill Russell and K.C. Jones, Preaseau started his college career at Menlo. As an Oak, Preaseau led the team in scoring as freshman as it won the Coast Conference title and earned a spot in the state tournament. He also competed in the high jump for the Oaks track and field team. After the Dons went undefeated during Preaseau's junior year, he captained USF as a senior and helped it back to the Final Four in 1957. Preaseau's Dons teams have been inducted to the USF Athletic Hall of Fame.

Menlo Hall of Fame
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